Work less while making more Masterclass series

Work Less While Making
More masterclass series

 Hosted by Ileka Falette


Featuring 14+ Top Influencers 

FREE 4-day Masterclass series to learn the secrets to improving productivity, efficiency, and revenue through simple solutions around improving visibility, mindset, time management, and presence!

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 Hosted by Ileka Falette

Thrive in Your Mind, Body, and Business

Work Less Make More Masterclass Series Featuring:

Ileka Falette (Host)
International Speaker, Author, Body and Business Mindset Mastery Coach

Ben Azadi
Author, "The Health Detective", and CEO

Jalynn Jones
Vision-to-Profit Business Coach, Speaker, and CEO

Jason Goldberg
Performance and Leadership Coach

Shana Robinson
 Image consultant, branding expert, speaker, and CEO

Cindy Constable
Strategic Communication and Media Strategist

Kelly Charles-Collins
Retired Law Partner & Trial Attorney, Brand Strategist Author, and Magazine Publisher

Dionne Wynter Pfunde
CEO, Attorney and Entrepreneur

Larry Long, Jr.
CEO, Keynote Speaker, and Sales Acceleration Trainer

Raushawna Price 
 Inspirational Speaker, Executive Coach, and Consultant

Allanté Collier
Operations Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur

Davina Ware
Career Transition Coach and Marketing Consultant

Cara Nance
CEO & Founder, Tutum Leadership Coaching

Surprise Speaker for VIPs
TikTok Business Strategist

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